Do I need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements, also referred to as antenuptial or premarital agreements, are beneficial in many situations, particularly those in which one or both parties are bringing substantial assets to the marriage or when they want to protect their children’s future property interests.

Four Important Documents Everyone Should Have in Place

It sometimes takes a tragic event for people to reflect on their own situation and get their affairs in order.

School Breaks and Parenting Time

We did a blog earlier this week about the general rules for summer parenting time. What about the other breaks, such as spring, fall and winter breaks?

Summer Parenting Time

Every summer around this time, we get calls about summer parenting time. One parent feels like they are not getting an equal amount of time over summer break. What are the rules exactly?

How long does a divorce take in Indiana?

At a minimum, the State of Indiana requires sixty (60) days between the filing of a divorce and a final divorce decree being entered.

Dissecting a Financial Declaration Form

Several counties in Indiana require parties in every divorce and paternity case, and any modification case thereafter, to complete a Financial Declaration Form.

How do I get my spouse out of the house?

This is a common question at the beginning of every divorce. You are ready to file for divorce and you want your spouse to leave.

The Ins and Outs of Indiana’s Relocation Statute

Part II How crucial it is to follow the Indiana Relocation Laws carefully whether you are the parent who wants to move, or you are the parent who wants to stop the children from moving

The Ins and Outs of Indiana’s Relocation Statute

Part I How to properly object to your child moving out of state when you were never married to the other parent and never went to court

Family Law Cases and Mental Health

Just... Keep... Swimming... As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end (May), I would be amiss not to address the impact family law cases have on one’s mental health. Whether it is a paternity case, divorce, or custody/parenting time modification, battling it out with an ex in court is always stressful; there is no [...]

What documents do I need to gather for my divorce?

When it comes to splitting your property in a divorce, gather all statements in your name. It is also wise to obtain account statements in your spouse’s name, if at all possible.

DIY Divorce & Resources

You do not need an attorney to file for divorce although it is always recommended to have your own counsel. There are options and resources available for non-represented parties, more formally called, “pro se litigants”.

What information do I need before meeting with a divorce attorney?

There are many thoughts racing through your head. What is even relevant to a divorce attorney? Good question. Putting together a list of document or items to discuss will be helpful. Below is a list of information to bring and documents to gather before meeting with a divorce attorney. List of your current bills and [...]

What do you talk about with a divorce attorney?

It takes weeks, months, years, and sometimes, decades to get the courage to consult with a divorce lawyer. Once you schedule your first meeting, you’re often faced with “Well, what should I even talk about?” Whether you think so or not, everything is relevant. It is good to tell your back story and how you […]


Military divorces can definitely be more complex when dealing with a veteran’s disability pay, military retired pay, or a spouse’s election to receive survivor’s benefits. We have compiled a list of terms are most often used, and questioned about, when dealing with a military pension or military retired pay. An experienced military divorce lawyer will […]

The 411 on Military Divorce

Whether you are the service member or spouse, you need a competent attorney with experience to handle your Military Divorce. A Military Divorce deals with the same main issues as any other divorce: Child Custody, Parenting Time (Visitation), Child Support, Spousal Support (aka alimony or spousal maintenance) and Property Division. However, the details and intricacies […]

5 Steps to Take After Divorce

Rebuilding your life post-divorce is hard enough without taking into consideration property and other issues that were going on in your divorce. You need to make sure you are equipped to follow up on the terms of your divorce, such as actually dividing your property, or setting up a child support account. Here are five […]

Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Spouse

Who is moving out?  Who is staying in the marital residence? For renters – are both parties on the lease?  Will the landlord revise the lease if one spouse moves out?  Do you need to take your name off utility accounts, or transfer them into your name?

10 Ways to Prepare for Divorce

What’s love got to do with it? Based on divorce statistics, love has nothing to do with the Spring.  The Spring Season is known as “Divorce Season” throughout legal circles.  But why?  Simply put, many couples are just waiting for the winter holidays to pass, and for their tax refund to arrive. They don’t want […]

How Separated Parents Should Split Stimulus Money

In 2020 and 2021, the government provided cash payments to millions of Americans as a way to stimulate the economy and provide financial assistance to families during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What to consider before deciding where to file a military divorce

Military divorces usually aren’t as straightforward as regular divorces. The average couple can marry, own property, live in a house and choose to separate in the same state.

How property division works in an Indiana divorce

If you are in the midst of a breakup or preparing for a divorce in Indiana, you may be wondering how the property division process works.

Top 4 questions about guardianship of a minor child

Sometimes, for a number of reasons, biological parents are unable or unwilling to care for their children.

Grounds for divorce in Indiana

There almost always is a reason why a married couple in Indianapolis chooses to divorce. Oftentimes, however, a couple may prefer to keep those reasons to themselves. 

4 ways to establish paternity in Indiana

The parent-child relationship is one of the more significant ones in society. After all, if you have a child, you have a solemn responsibility to provide care, coaching and love. You may also have a legal obligation to pay for the child’s everyday needs.  

Factor in all of the costs before choosing a divorce trial

Couples in Indiana who are going through a divorce are often faced with a choice at some time during the process:

There is Hope for Victims of Domestic Violence during Quarantine

This global pandemic requiring everyone to quarantine and stay at home is no “staycation” for the average family.

Money matters complicate Indiana divorces

Money can get between even the closest of married couples and cause a great marriage to go sour.

The value of a medical practice in a physician divorce

When a physician gets a divorce in Indiana, evaluating the value of the practice will be one of the most complex but important parts of the process.

How to create an ideal holiday parenting plan

The holiday season can be a stressful one for parents in Indiana and throughout the country. However, it can be even more so if you are no longer in a relationship with your child’s other parent. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to ensure that your son or daughter has a positive Christmas […]


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