Factor in all of the costs before choosing a divorce trial

Couples in Indiana who are going through a divorce are often faced with a choice at some time during the process: When there is an impasse, they can choose to continue to try to resolve it, or they can head to trial. Before making that decision, couples need to be aware of the impacts of the trial.

The first thing to know about a divorce trial is the cost involved. Lawyers have expenses, and there are also court fees to pay. In a full trial, these costs can add up quickly. Thus, a person choosing to go to trial must decide beforehand that whatever they are trying to get is worth the financial costs.

Along with money, there are also non-financial costs to consider. Divorce trials are often contentious, and it takes a toll on litigants quickly when being in court in front of a judge is frightening and stressful. In addition, the bitterness of a divorce trial can poison a relationship between spouses for years to come. This is undesirable when there are children in the picture. However, there are times when a divorce trial is a necessity in order to achieve a desired outcome that cannot be achieved through negotiation. Sometimes, a judge may grant what the other spouse refuses to give in negotiations.

family law attorney may help a spouse who is trying to figure out how to resolve their divorce. The attorney might lay out the costs of a trial alongside the benefits to help their client make a decision as to what is the right option for them. If a trial is the decision, then the attorney may advocate for their client in front of the judge in seeking the best possible outcome for them.