5 Steps to Take After Divorce

Rebuilding your life post-divorce is hard enough without taking into consideration property and other issues that were going on in your divorce. You need to make sure you are equipped to follow up on the terms of your divorce, such as actually dividing your property, or setting up a child support account. Here are five steps you need to consider taking when moving on after a divorce.



  1. Getting your property.  What were you awarded in your divorce?

    Do you need to transfer money out of a bank account? Do you need to access your former spouse’s retirement account? Were you awarded the house? Do you need to transfer title? What about renting a U-haul to pick up your personal property items or furniture? You need to carefully look over your divorce decree or settlement agreement to decide what steps need to be taken to get your property. A good divorce lawyer can help you get through this quickly.


  2. Child Support.  Was child support ordered in your case? 

    Regardless if you were ordered to pay it, or you are the parent receiving it, you need to set up a Child Support Account with the local County Child Support Clerk. You will need to contact their office to find out what information is needed. Typically, you need to provide the divorce decree and an information sheet with your information and that of your former spouse and children. If the Court ordered child support to be paid through an Income Withholding Order, then you need to submit the proper paperwork to the Court and then to the employer. These are steps you should probably hire an experienced divorce attorney to assist you with parental rights.


  1. Setting up your own accounts.

    If you haven’t already, it is time to set up your own checking and savings accounts. Any joint accounts or debts should have been divided in the divorce. You should move forward with your own individual account that your former spouse never had access to.


  1. Changing your last name.

    If you were restored to your maiden name, then you will need to first submit the proper name change paperwork to Social Security. You will then need an updated driver’s license once you receive your new Social Security Card. From there, you should change your name on all of your accounts, titles, debts, and anything else with your name on it.


  1. Getting through it, and moving on. 

    Mental health is a major factor and concern for every couple going through a divorce. It is important that you take care of yourself and seek help when needed. You are not alone in this madness. Look to your community for support groups, therapy, and all other sources available.


As you go through this process, it helps to have a divorce attorney who is well-versed in all the nuances of family law, child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance. A good attorney will advise you and support you as you begin your new post-divorce life.