What documents do I need to gather for my divorce?

When it comes to splitting your property in a divorce, gather all statements in your name. It is also wise to obtain account statements in your spouse’s name, if at all possible. There are also child-related documents you will need if custody or child support are at issue. Below is a list of documents you will when going through a divorce or custody case:

  1. Paystubs
  2. Tax returns
  3. W-2s
  4. 1099s
  5. Health insurance coverage breakdown (amount for employee only, employee + family)
  6. Childcare expenses
  7. Receipts for child-related items
  8. Parenting time schedule
  9. Text messages
  10. Bank statements
  11. Retirement account statements
  12. Utility bills
  13. Cell phone bill
  14. Cable, internet bill
  15. Streaming services statements
  16. Car loan statements
  17. Mortgage statements
  18. Personal loan statements
  19. Credit card statements
  20. Student loan statements
  21. Auto insurance plan
  22. Life insurance plan

These are the basic statements that an attorney will need to review when evaluating your case. Being ready and diligent in your divorce will not only speed up the process, but also lower your attorney’s fees if you gather these statements yourself.