What information do I need before meeting with a divorce attorney?

There are many thoughts racing through your head. What is even relevant to a divorce attorney? Good question. Putting together a list of document or items to discuss will be helpful. Below is a list of information to bring and documents to gather before meeting with a divorce attorney.

  1. List of your current bills and who is paying what
  2. List of what bills you want your spouse to pay
  3. Your current custody/parenting time schedule
  4. Your desired custody/parenting time schedule
  5. List of your accounts and the approximate balances (printed statements are even more helpful)
  6. List of debts with balances
  7. Paycheck stubs
  8. Tax returns
  9. What property do you want out of the divorce?
  10. What property did you own prior to the divorce?

This is just a starting point, but will get your wheels turning in the right direction.