Money matters complicate Indiana divorces

Money can get between even the closest of married couples and cause a great marriage to go sour. Money matters are more complicated when financial resources are varied and harder to estimate for many couples. That could include business owners and others who have market factors that can make determining proper support compensation more complicated in a family law case.

Specialized financial planners can help

Nearly a fourth of all divorces get hung up on money matters that can make the experience particularly embittering. A specialized financial planner may help in an emotionally charged divorce with money disputes. A certified divorce financial analyst, or CDFA, is a great asset to have when trying to determine fair support compensation going forward.

How a CDFA could help

When one spouse fulfills the role as their family’s primary wage earner, that often leaves the other spouse less informed on family assets and income potential. The higher-earning spouse often has working relationships with the family accountant, trustee or attorney that can give them greater influence during a divorce or other family law case. A CDFA can help to locate and estimate the values of current and future assets, including retirement accounts and other items that one spouse might be in the dark about.

Fair division of assets is key

The primary duty of a good CDFA is to ensure a fair distribution of family assets. Once the CDFA can affirm the assets listed and determine whether or not more might be out there, the CDFA can work to ensure a fair settlement. That helps both spouses have the income necessary to maintain their lifestyles and move forward without concern that one or the other might be headed into poverty.

An experienced family law attorney may work to ensure that your divorce does not end in an unfair settlement or leave you with less than your fair share of assets. Two spouses build a family home together, and a fair financial outcome is deserved by both.